Titans of Space


Titans of Spaceā„¢ is a space exploration virtual reality game. Titans of Space offers a guided tour of a few planets and stars, the point is to give the player a feeling of scale of exactly how big these planets and also stars are compared to each other.

It's not meant being realistic, but more on the surreal holographic side. Whatever you see is initially shrunk right down to 1 millionth of their particular actual size, which means you will observe Earth as a 12. 7-meter-wide holographic soccer ball, rather than the big 12756km-wide ball of rock that it's.


Although the tour is usually on rails, you can move through it at your personal pace. The controls are quite simple as there are merely six things you can do during the tour,Browse around,Zoom in on items, Read the info panel when in front of you (sometimes multiple pages), Rotate a planet or celestial body overhead (when applicable), Orbit a planet or moon (when applicable) Go up to next tour stop when you're ready.This game supports several input optionst: Oculus Rift, key-board, mouse, and various controllers. There is absolutely no more Razer Hydra assistance, as positional tracking is provided by the DK2.

Once the tour is underway that you do not actually need to make use of any input device (aside in the Rift) unless you wanted to zoom in on some thing. Most options can be configured with all the Rift only.Sound effects and music are a fundamental piece of this experience.

There is a large amount of information presented the your tour starts but you don't need to remember any of the item. All of this information is accessible without notice during the tour, just hit a button to cycle throughout the Help and Options selections.

Performance Requirements: A graphics card able to DirectX 11. Technically it may run just fine with DirectX 9 if needed, if you pass from the -force-d3d9 command line argument via a shortcut or batch record. Titans of Space maintains at least 250 FPS on a Geforce GTX 680 (in VR), and 220 FPS over a Geforce GTX 660. Performance of the particular version is at present untested on lower-end or even older hardware. a Space virtual reality game with your own music playing wile you drift through space, sign me up.


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