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project 4

Windlands is an action adventure in the style of Zelda, but adapted for Oculus Rift.

The experience takes advantage of the Oculus Rift technology. Windlands makes you feel like a superhero while you make huge jumps, swing in the air by the grappling land and walk along thin ledges. It is all about movement, exploration and mastering your skills on the way to the final unbelievable battle.

The essential elements of the gameplay are:

• Movement

• Exploration

• Fighting Gigantic Boss Battles

You play as a final automaton created in a desperate effort to fight war machines and also end the war. The goal is usually to find and destroy the origin powering all the golems. Your adventure starts coming from a hub where you go with a destination. Each destination level is themed so you will find yourself in a different environment when: in a desert, metro, on a flying is, in a ruined area, etc. Your goal is to explore the level and find your way to the level supervisor. After defeating it, you'll collect an item for that final fight. Once you are heroically done with all the current level bosses, use all the collected what to unlock the ultimate battle for the future of the world.

Game Mechanics:


• Grappling Hook - These include essentially your arms. Except 30 meters long: )


• Super Jump - Gather velocity and jump across huge expanses.


• Wall Jump - Use to succeed in impossible heights jumping via wall to wall.

project 4


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